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Excellence in wireless design

Who we are

Pultronics Inc. fills a prominent void in the electronic design marketplace. We address the need for high-quality, high-performance mixed-signal products, IP modules and design services by providing research-intense design solutions. Our complete system level solutions, resulting from our design experience, are supported by a complementary software. The product lines offered as stand alone circuits or hard Intellectual Property (IP) objects.

Pultronics develops and manufactures high-performance, low-cost active RFID systems for long-range wireless data communications. Our active RFIDs are equiped with sensors and they accurately identify, manage and track physical assets and their condition. Pultronics offers complete systems composed of sensor equiped tags, readers and software.

Pultronics develops specialized software to support design activities. Our software tool set, TED_(Thermo-Electrical_Designer) provides accurate estimations of the thermal influence on circuit behavior. Embedded with the IC design tool set, it provides fast and convenient information to the designer, thus shortening design time and improving yield.

Pultronics pioneered the development of integrated high-frequency analog switch matrices. Since then, the company has become a provider of design services for research intense solutions. Its designers have extensive background in analog, mixed-signal and digital design in both CMOS (BiCMOS) and GaAs technologies. Close cooperation with its customers from the initial design specifications, through technology selection and down to the final design, test and packaging leads to unique and aggressive solutions. For some applications, special modeling sofware and custom packaging have been created. Developed solutions ranges from single ICs to complete multiple module systems supported by proprietary software.

Our Montreal, Quebec, headquarters house software development, design services, customer support and provides comprehensive test and characterization capabilities.


Pultronics Inc.
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Pultronics Mission: to offer strategic leadership to our partners worldwide. Pultronics Inc.2007