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TED: Thermo-Electrical Designer

software tool set for electro-thermal design of intergrated circuits

TED - comprehensive solution to thermal problems of submicron technologies

The TED tool set provides an accurate and comprehensive solution to the thermal problems of modern ICs, System-On-Chip and submicron circuits. It incorporates a group of thermal analysis tools integrated with CadenceTM IC design framework. TED gives designers access to the realistic temperature distribution on an IC during the design process, thus generating thermally correct simulations. In consequence, development time and time-to-market are shortened while production yield and circuit reliability are increased.

TED-MAP, the thermal mapping tool, is used for fast verification of the temperature and power density of each device. This tool helps to optimize circuit architecture and layout, decreasing the peak temperature in the hot spots and thus increasing the overall reliability of a circuit.

TED uses a map of isotherms superposed on a circuit layout to graphically display temperature distribution on the chip surface. A function highlighting the regions within a given temperature range or the regions exceeding a user-defined temperature value helps to rapidly identify the components whose junction temperature or power density can degrade the short-term or long-term performances and reliability.

TED capabilities include

  • Thermally updated simulations of circuit performances. The thermal design loop allows simulation accounting for the realistic temperature distribution on a chip.
  • Hot spot detection and minimization. Thermally induced reliability problems may be resolved during circuit design and layout phases.
  • Analysis of the measured thermal signature of a Device Under Test. This gives a powerful tool for prototype circuit testing.


  • Shorter design time: fully integrated
  • Shorter time-to-market: less prototypes
  • Improved circuit reliability, better yield

Product Presentation

Advantages of using TED




Advantages of using TED

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Whitepaper: TED software tools for thermal evaluation of integrated circuits


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