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Design Services

Pultronics offers a complete line of microelectronic design services, including research-intensive solutions and hardware-software system development. We provide a one-stop turn-key solutions, from a product idea to production. Our expertise covers:

  • ASIC and IP design, with the core expertise in:
    • low power, low voltage design
    • analog design
    • RF design
    • mixed signal design
    • high frequency design
    • ASIC design supported by in house software, when necessary
    • complete solution from design concept to silicon proven prototype, through concept analysis, process selection, performance analysis and optimisation, and design-for-test implementation
    • migration to ASIC technology

  • FPGA based design:
    • from concept and specifications to tested prototype
    • VHDL/Verilog, Pearl and C level behavioral modeling support
    • supported FPGA vendors: Altera (Stratix), Xilinx (Virtex, Spartan), other
    • digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms
    • high-bandwidth, real-time signal processing
    • fast prototyping and proof of concept for ASICs


  • Micro-Processors based desig
    • Arm9, Arm7, RISC support
    • wireless communication systems
    • sensor networks
    • portable systems
    • digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms


  • System level design


  • Board level support: schematic, PCB layout, and fast turn arround prototyping

Special requirements

High performance applications:

Aditional requirements:

  • System level hardware-software co-development
  • Test procedure development
  • High-performance packaging solutions
  • Characterization

System Integration

Pultronics' designs are approached from a system-level perspective. For example, a high-performance 64x64 hybrid circuit in a 3D configuration has been developed to extend the number of ports and maximize the bandwidth of an analog switching system. Special software tools have been created to analyze, simulate and test these types of systems. Bidirectionnal amplifiers have also been developed for transparent multi-protocol systems.

A wide range of services is offered at system level, from technology choice to hardware/software co- design. Pultronics' solutions provide optimal performance by taking advantage of large-scale integration and by tailoring circuits to customer's needs.



  • Analog bidirectional switch matrices
  • RF transceivers
  • Ultra low power RF transmitters
  • RF tagging devices
  • Remote sensors and remote data collection
  • Web appliances

Automotive Engineering

  • Signal conditioning circuits for sensors

Low Power Design

  • RF telemetry devices
  • Remote sensors
  • RF tagging devices
  • Standard logic cells (GaAs and CMOS)
Thermal analysis of integrated circuits


TED - Thermo-Electic Design software tool; in-house developed software




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